About this location

About this location


Johanne - Center Manager (FR / ENGL).
Johanne is the gym director of The Little Gym Waterloo.
Degree in physical education and psychomotor (and other training for adults: Pilates / Respiration, but also for seniors: revalidation, maintaining independence).
Formed center management (team, marketing, maintenance, accounting ...).
With determination, professionalism and passion she puts its strengths and knowledge for the benefit of children, parents and his dear colleagues.

Laetitia - Program Manager / internships (FR / ENGL).
Graduated in psychology and psychomotricity she organizes, plans and enriched the lessons we give to your dear children.

Olivia - Coach (FR / ENGL).
After 17 years of dance including two in the Netherlands section of choreography, Olivia decides to follow the formation of the Alexander Technique to make it his profession. However, the contact with the children and the happiness can bring its priorities have always been and it is therefore natural that his path crossed the Little Gym.
Olivia since early July 2011, the proud mother of a little Nina!

Lydia - Coach (FR / ENGL).
Our dear Lydia joined our team for the greatest happiness of your children but also to the team!
Mother of two beautiful girls, Lena 11 years and Lou 8 years, it is with the accent, the energetic and the heat of the south, she integrated our team with speed and intelligence.

Jessica - Coach (FR / ENGL).
Mother of a lovely girl who answers to the name of EA, Jessica is the latest to have integrated the team. Its dynamism and ability to listen to children, making it a vital link to our team.